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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Cute Mom

Since having my son I've really started to put more effort into my everyday wardrobe.  I've always enjoyed dressing up for work, but I spent quite a bit of my free time in yoga pants and athletic wear.

There are definitely days when I lounge in sweats, but for the most part I enjoy doing my hair, putting on a little makeup, and dressing in a coordinated outfit.  If it's one thing I learned after staying home for almost 4 months: it's nice to have a reason to put your face on, do your hair, and walk out the door.

I always vowed to be one of those woman who did not define herself as simply mom once baby was here.  (But I also said I wouldn't post thousands of pictures of my little guy on social media and you see how well that's gone for me. #sorrynotsorry) 

Fact of the matter is I do steer away from certain fabrics, dangly earrings, and dainty jewelry because I don't want anything ruined.  I also find myself investing in quality pieces and fabrics because, let's face it, if I'm going to wear it it needs to hold up to a 9 month old tugging, spitting up, and wiping his face on it.
Sweater: H&M (similar), Denim: Old Navy, Sneakers: Target

I see many women (and I am NOT judging them) wearing baggy, ill fitting, unflattering clothing toting around their young children.  I just feel for them.  I know the guilt they feel when they spend money on themselves that they could be spending on their child.  I know the exhaustion they experience when they think about going to the mall.  I know the reasoning for not wearing their finer pieces in fear of a formula induced spit up sesh.  

I get it.  It's safer to wear the other stuff.  It is.

But, it just doesn't feel good.  Ya know what I mean?  Like, when I walk out the door with my diaper bag, baby in arms, toting a Tula, and multi-tasking 10 different things at once, I want to feel good.

I want to walk out the door with my head high, strutting my stuff, confident that I look as good as I feel. Because if anyone deserves to feel good, it's a mama.  

So, I put a little more effort into my outfit.  For me, that means cute sneakers instead of flip-flops.  Colored denim rather than holey jeans.  A relaxed sweater instead of a hooded sweatshirt.

Nothing major.  Just cuter.

It also means cleaning out my closet.  It means only keeping the things that will hold up because there's no reason to hang onto things I'm not going to wear.  It may mean less pieces, but more quality.

What about you?  How do you rock your cuteness?

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  1. This is such a good post for mamas! I love it!!!

  2. i love this post!! and i just bought shoes like that and love them!

  3. Such a good post! And I love this outfit! You're great with styling!

  4. Loved this post and the outfit you are wearing!! Such cute shoes!!

    and I can't get over how big Carson is getting! Such a cutie :)


  5. This is SO true!! I keep making myself get dressed up lately--and I totally don't want to at first, but once I put a few jewels and actual nice fitted clothes, I feel so much better! It's too easy to get caught up in yoga pants--which I change into the second I am home, but for an outing? I do dress up. You look so happy!


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