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Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Things I Love about PiYo

PiYo has quickly become my favorite Beachbody program.  I initially got it because I was training for a half marathon and didn't need to add another cardio workout that would be hard on my joints.  Now, it's my favorite and I find myself consistently referring it to my family and friends. For the month of November, the challenge pack is on sale for $20 off the normal price making it a great deal!

10 Reasons Why I love PiYo:

1. Low impact and low intensity, but NOT low results.  I have a bicep!  I've never had upper body strength, not even when I played college ball and was lifting weights on a daily basis.  I love the fact that this is not hard on my knees and joints, but I am still seeing and feeling great physical advances.

2. No shoes required.  I know this may seem insignificant, but when you've got limited time to get your workout in or when you spend the majority of your day in dress shoes, it's really nice to not have to wear shoes!

3.  Total body workout.  This workout targets every area of the body even the parts I don't like to focus on.

4.  Increased flexibility; this is especially important for me as a runner.

5.  Short, quick workouts.  The workouts range from 25-45 minutes tops.  Perfect for nap times or after I put Carson down to sleep at night.  Also, my attention span isn't that long so unless I'm in a group workout or out for a run, 30-45 minutes is about all I can take.

6.  Abs off the floor. Some of these workouts require crunches or sit-ups, but for the most part I'm working my core without hurting my back.  I am not a big fan of the traditional sit-up.

7.  On my own time. There is no set schedule.  I just try to fit in about 30 minutes a day.  I don't have to get to the gym at a certain time and I don't have to wait until late in the evening.

8. No gym fee. Once you purchase the dvds, they're yours.  There is no monthly membership fee.

9.  Support, inspiration, and motivation from other people just like me.  We don't always have the same goals as people in our daily life when it comes to health and fitness, but PiYo connects us with other people working toward the same things we are.  It connects you with people who are trying to be stronger, healthier, fitter versions of themselves just like you!  The community is so motivating and helps me to stay accountable.

10. Free coaching. This is quite possibly the most impactful part of any Beachbody program.  The coaching that comes with the program.  It keeps me going, gives me new recipe ideas and meal plans, gets me out of bed when I'm tired to turn on the dvd player...  It definitely makes Beachbody different from the average workout program.

If you're interested in trying PiYo or any of the Beachbody programs, I would love to be your coach!  Just leave your email in the comments below and I will be happy to share more details with you.


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