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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thrifting Tips

Often times people ask me how I find such great things while out thrifting.  It's like sometimes the thrifting mojo is flowing and other times it's a total wash.  When it's good, it's really really good and when it's bad, well...it can get ugly.

Recently I've scored some fantastic deals while out thrifting.  Things like JCrew matchstick jeans, wedge booties, Converse sneakers for babe, and brand new World Market scarves.  It got me thinking about all the frustration I feel when I walk out empty handed.  Which happens a lot - I just don't blog about those times.  :)

It made me realize that this is why a lot of people don't thrift; for every one time you walk out with a major find, there are at least 3-5 other times you walk out empty handed.  So, I thought I would make a list of all the reasons why I am successful once in a while and share it with you all!

1. Frequent the store.  
There is a PTA thrift store in the town I work in.  Once a week (usually on Fridays) I pop in and spend about 20-30 minutes going through the toys, shoes, children's clothes, and women's clothing.  A lot of weeks I don't get anything, but once in a while I walk out with a mother load of thrifting hauls.  If I didn't frequent the store, I would have missed out on things like this Little Tikes sandbox, JCrew matchstick jeans, or these adorable wedged booties I'd been lusting after.  In order to score a gem, you have to find them before someone else does.

2. Don't discriminate. 
That same thrift store that I frequent once a week; so many people refuse to go to it.  They assume because of its location that nothing "good" will be there.  So not true.  I've found $200 jeans for $5 at the Salvation Army, $150 leather jackets at the PTA thrift, and $1 Converse sneakers at Goodwill.

3. Consider alterations.
Sometimes all a dress needs is a belt or a new hemline to look beautiful.  If you're spending $2 on a pair of jeans, paying another $8 or $10 to get them hemmed isn't a big deal.  If you love the fabric on a skirt, but it doesn't fit, consider cutting it and wearing it as a scarf instead.  You don't have to be able to sew in order to make things work either.

4. Know your product/price range.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement of finding a neat item that we spend too much on it.  For example, the other day I walked into that PTA thrift that I love so much and found a Little Tikes playset for CT.  It was slightly faded from being outside, but otherwise in great shape.  The price on it was almost $200.  I realize this particular playset is expensive when bought new, but $200 is still a lot.  In fact, the same playset can be found at consignment sales for less than $100.  I typically carry something around with me and do a quick google search if I'm not sure of the price/product.

5. Reel it in.
For a little while I was having so much fun thrifting that I was purchasing tons of things that didn't fit, needed alterations, or weren't really missing pieces for my closet.  I ended up with a big bag of things to bring back to donate to same thrift store I'd purchased them from.  Just because something is inexpensive doesn't mean you should buy it if it's two sizes too small.  Have fun with it, but don't go overboard.  It actually makes the real finds that much more fun.

When thrifting you really just need to have an open mind and time.  It's a hunt to find the perfect item.

What have you thrifted lately?


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