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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goals and What I'm Saying

Ouch.  You didn't know you came to get your toes stomped, did you?

Truth is, I've been thinking a lot about goals lately; WHAT mine are, WHY I want to accomplish them, and most importantly HOW I'm going to do it.

It's been a while since I wrote a tangible list of things that I want to accomplish much more than a daily checklist of "to-do's."  I've voiced a few things I'd like to do or things I wish would happen.  And people say, "Lindsay, be careful what you're saying."

If I'm being honest, my biggest goals are a little scary.  People might not laugh at them, but they definitely will widely open their eyes and perhaps even let their mouth drop open some.  Every time I see it or hear it, though, I just keep trucking.  I'm determined.  

And I'm stubborn; stubborn is a great quality when it comes to goals.

I realize most people wait until December 31st to really think about what they want to accomplish in the next year.  And then, most those resolutions are made on the fly while sipping champagne.  If I'm being honest, I have no idea what my resolutions were for this year.

I don't want to wait.  One thing you need to know about me: I'm an ALL IN kinda person.  Meaning, I'm either all in or all out.  No grey stuff for me.  So, my goals start now.  My plan of action or my HOW starts now.

What are your goals for 2015?  Have you written them down?  What is your plan of action?

What do you want to become?


  1. I'm intrigued!!! What are these goals people jaw drop over?!?
    I would love to get some kind of tackle on my sugar intake. I am much better than I used to be but there is much more room for improvement especially since being home with little man the temptations are, well, more tempting haha.


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