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Monday, January 5, 2015

Little Eyes and Ears

Have you ever thought about what you're saying and doing for yourself and how it affects others?

I listened to this fantastic podcast by Chalene Johnson the other day about body image and family.

And I realized I hadn't really thought about the fact that what I say about myself, what I'm doing each day, and how I'm treating myself affect other people in my life.

Having a boy, I hadn't considered the effect my personal body image would have on my children.  Like so many people, I automatically assume boys don't suffer with body image issues.

Truth is, we learn from our parents how to approach food, how to take care of our bodies, and how to treat ourselves.  From an early age, food is used to soothe.  Think about your first instincts as a new mama when you hear your baby cry.  Or where your family congregates in the house.  Or what you gift to your coworkers/neighbors/friends at holiday time.

Food is love.

Whether we mean it
Whether we notice it
Whether or not it is our intention
our children are watching us and taking cues on how to view food and our bodies.

It is in our best interest (and their's) to take a positive approach.  So next time you find yourself looking in the mirror analyzing every bump or unwanted curve, remind yourself who's watching.  When you're on the phone with your girlfriend complaining about your size, shape, or wrinkles, remind yourself who's listening.  We don't realize the little eyes and ears around us each day are soaking up every little thing they see us do and hear us say.

I'm making a vow to be more conscious of what I do and say in front of my child.  I want him to grow up with a healthy and supportive outlook on life.  I want him to take care of himself because he loves his body, not because he hates it.


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