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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 Tips to Get Your Workout in Early

As a mom, I totally understand how it's difficult to get workouts in.  There are only so many nap minutes in a day and there is so much to do in that timeframe.  One way I've found to overcome this is to wake up early in the morning to get my workout in.

I realize that sounds dreadful; trust me, I love my sleep.  But, I've come up with a few foolproof tips to make it a little easier on you.

1. Find an Accountability Partner
This is quite possibly the most important thing you need to do in order to be successful in meeting any goal you set for yourself fitness or otherwise.  Find someone who is willing to do it with you, text you each day to check in, and hold you accountable.

I like to call these push partners; they push you to reach your goals.  They are genuinely invested in your success and they will be your greatest cheerleader when you achieve it.

I pride myself on being an awesome accountability partner.  You can read more about that here.

2. Wear Your Workout Clothes to Bed
I know, I know you think this is gross, but you're going to sweat in those clothes anyway.  Why not sleep in them first?!  It's not like anyone is judging you.

If you put them on before you go to sleep you are more inclined to get out of bed and use them and it makes everything go a little quicker in the morning.  No struggling to pull on leggings at 5 am when you're still not quite awake.

3. Start Each Day With 8 oz. of Water
This may seem silly, but it makes a huge difference in your water intake for the day and how you feel throughout your workout.  I struggled to get enough water in, but this has made a world of difference.

It also gets things moving (if you will) first thing in the morning.  *wink*

4. Get Your Rest
Duh.  Right?
But, seriously, so many of us don't get enough sleep.  I'm guilty of laying in bed scrolling through Facebook before I go to sleep and wasting an hour looking at nothing that truly matters.  You will dread your alarm going off even more if you're waking up tired.

Get in bed at a decent time, cut out caffeine after 6:00, rest your eyes from "screen time" before going to sleep each night.  It will do your body good.

5. Create a Calendar.
You know why everyone loves checklists?  Because everyone loves crossing things off of them.

It's the same way with workouts!  I love crossing off each workout on the calendar I have displayed on my refrigerator for everyone to see.  Talk about accountability!  Crossing that workout off each day gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  In my challenge groups I always have a checklist for people to check off their workout virtually for everyone in the group to see.  Most people won't miss a workout because they love checking it off.

Do you have any tricks to help you get out of bed and hit the ground running in the morning?


  1. YES YES YES! If I don't plan - even down to what socks I'm going to wear - then I'll find ANY excuse to get out of getting up.

  2. I love getting my workouts done in the morning. Days my husband starts work early I cant. He leaves at 620 and my son still BFs at 7. Once he's done feeding I feel like I'll have many more opportunities for an early morning run


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