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Friday, September 25, 2015

Busy Mom's 10 Minute Workout

As a health and fitness coach, I hear every excuse in the book when I reach out to people about joining my virtual challenge groups.

"I use to do that...before I had kids."
"I'm just so busy, I don't have time to add one more thing on my plate."
"The timing is off.  Money is tight and we just have a lot going on right now."

I get it.  I've made the same excuses.  I believed in those same statements, but truth is I'm a mom.  I work full-time as a middle school teacher.  I have a very active toddler.  I don't like waking up early.  But, I'm finding a way to get it done.

In fact, if anyone needs a good health and fitness plan, it's a busy mom!  I mean I spent many evenings eating frozen pizza and many lunches with my hand in the granola bar basket in the pantry because I was just too busy to make time for it, until I stopped making excuses.

There are still days when I'm super tired, super busy, super mom and not all of it gets done in one day so I've come up with a very effective whole-body workout that can be completed in 10 minutes.  Just 10 minutes!  I know I can find 10 minutes to carve out in my day.

*If you're interested in more workouts like this follow me here*

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Fair

I grew up going to the county fair.  It was the thing to do for a week each year.  So when my husband said he had free tickets to go (that also happens to be in our new town) I was so excited!  And this fair didn't let me down.

Carson would have loved all the rides, but we accidentally admitted that he wasn't 2 so he couldn't ride anything but the carousel.  Boo!  Stupid rules.  So, we rode the carousel several times (I had already bought tickets not realizing he couldn't ride anything!) and he didn't complain.

We saw elephants, watched some pigs perform, ate some Greek food, won a ball, tried to dunk a mean old clown, and watched the steer show.  Yes - there were elephants at the fair!  It was pretty incredible I must say.

He was exhausted and it was way past his bedtime (are you noticing a pattern here?), but it was well worth it.  Love nights like these with my little family.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

That Time in the Grocery Store

I didn't document it in pictures because I was too busy willing it to end to stop take the opportunity to snap the first (last?) public toddler meltdown.  Performed by my son of course.

You know when you're in the mall or the grocery store and you see hear that toddler throwing a fit and the disheveled mom and you just feel really bad for her?

I was that mom Sunday.

I should have known better, but clearly I didn't.
CT didn't get a very good night rest the night before because he stayed at Grandma's house and he just doesn't really do well in other elements sleep-wise.  So we were working on little sleep - much less than normal.  I knew this going into it, but in my defense, he had taken a 2 hour nap before we left the house so I really didn't think I was crazy...  Oh boy, was I ever wrong.

I thought I would solve the problem by getting him his own mini-cart to wheel around the store and it worked...until it was time to put things on the belt and pay for them.  If ever there was a screaming unhappy child it was when I took my package of naan out of his cart for the cashier to scan.

The kind man behind me in line handed him a lollipop (which he threw on the ground) and I'm certain my face was beat red.  Not sure it was from embarrassment or the effort I was making to restrain my child.  It was nice of the cashier next door to chase him for me as he grabbed the mini-cart and made a mad dash back down the aisle while I grabbed my wallet.

Yup.  There were bigger plans for the day.  Like hair cuts and a trip to Trader Joe's.  Needless to say that didn't happen.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why I Switched

I've been asked a few times why I stopped making green smoothies and started drinking Shakeology instead.  I've been told by a few people recently that they're interested in Shakeology, but want to try making their own for a while first for various reason.

I can't say I blame people.  I was quite possibly the biggest skeptic in the world when it came to Shakeology before I became a health and fitness coach.  In fact, I assumed I would hate it and never drink it again after my first monthly supply ran out.  Boy was I wrong.

I spent quite a bit of time preparing the fruit/greens I was putting in my smoothies.  Most of which was done in advance each Sunday, but some of which had to wait until the morning.

No prep; I just put ingredients in the blender each morning.

Clean up was a beast.  Each morning I was scraping fruit scraps into the trash, wiping down sticky juices, and putting knives, cutting boards, etc. into the sink to be washed later

I put the blender into the sink, fill it with warm water, and a little dish soap to soak until I get home.

I was spending a lot of money on fruits and veggies that were going into smoothie rather than enjoying them the way they were intended.

I spend a little over $3 a day and get to enjoy my fruits and veggies the way I want to.

I was consuming the foods I could afford and find locally.

I am consuming super-foods I wouldn't be able to afford or find locally.

I was consuming a TON of sugar without realizing it.

I'm not saying Shakeology is the answer to everyone's problems and despite the fact that I 100% believe in it - I know it's not for everyone.  I would never push it on someone who genuinely wasn't interested, but I do want people to know what it is and (most importantly) what it isn't.

It is a great way to get your vitamins, nutrients, minerals, super-foods, plus a serving of protein each day.  It isn't a protein shake you can find on the shelves of your local convenience store.
It is a meal replacement shake that helps curb cravings and sustain you.  It isn't a weight loss drink.

If you're interested in hearing more about my journey with Beachbody, please email me!  I would love to share my story with you.

*I am not a nutritionist, but I have always done a ton of research about what is going into my body before I eat it.*

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Things I'm Not Good At

I feel like this social media world we live in is full of a lot of people with a lot of amazing talents and I know I'm not the only one who can find myself wasting time on Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram kicking myself for not being better at pretty much everything.  Right?

Obviously we aren't going to share our weaknesses with the world...that would be scary and maybe a little too transparent for our liking.  But, I realized last night (after my sweet friend announced she would be debuting her lifestyle blog) that being transparent has really blessed me.  It's definitely weeded out the crap people that were bogging me down and blessed me with so many people I wouldn't have ever met had I not put myself out there.

So, in honor and celebration of transparency, here is a list of things I'm not good at...

  1. Meal Planning - pretty much suck at this.  The other night I realized as I was eating 2 snack size bags of Smartfood popcorn (Beachbody coach of the year) that I hadn't cooked in at least a week.  Putting this on my goal sheet for next week!
  2. Letting go - as in not complaining or allowing things to build up and bother me
  3. Decorating - it's bad.  I'm reaalllly making an effort to make our new home look nice and presentable and picture-worthy.  Not for social media purposes, but because I would genuinely like it to look Pinterestesque - I made that word up.
  4. Cleaning - this might be my biggest flaw ever.
  5. Parking - I'm great at backing in (but it drives me crazy when I have to wait for people to back in to go through the parking lot), but I'm terrible at pulling in!  Doesn't even make sense to me.
  6. Golf - I don't play because who likes to do things they aren't good at?
  7. Me Time - I've gotten a little better since I get up early in the morning to get my 30 minute workout in, but I really need to prioritize quiet me time where I'm not getting my sweat on.  Like maybe painting my toenails or something.
  8. Makeup - yeah, if you see me you know this.
  9. Keeping in touch - another thing I'm working on.  I'm really bad at staying connected with friends.  I love them so much and have so much space in my heart for them, but I don't always tell them as much as I should.
  10. Hair - it's up there with makeup.
So, what aren't you good at? 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mornings are the hardest.

It's not secret: when I go to work each day, my heart is in a different place.

This sweet little boy carries it around with him all day.  And while I know he is in a place where he is loved, safe, and happy, I also dread dropping him off there each day.  Not because he isn't cared for, but because I miss him all.  day.  long.

Every single day when I drop him off, I have tears in my eyes.  I have to change the radio station on the way to work and pump myself up (in 5 minutes) to change my mind about the day.  I know I'm missing out on things by not being there.  I also know that he would be missing out on things if he weren't there.

Mornings are so hard for me.

I so dislike waking him up like an alarm rather than letting him snooze at his leisure.  I hate that we can't take the time in the morning to play with his truck and pet the dogs.  The fact that the first 30 minutes I spend with my son are in the car just really stinks to be honest.

In the summers I get to experience what life as a SAHM is like and I have to admit - it's harder.  I really think staying home is harder than going to work.  But, what's the hardest is leaving your heart somewhere each morning and hoping someone is guarding it like you would, kissing his booboos, and breathing in his snuggles.

And I must add that it's not that I don't love teaching; I do.  I 100% put myself into my job and want to do well for my students.  I love what I do, I just love my son a whole lot more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi, My name is...

So, I feel like a re-introduction is necessary.  I've been gone for quite a while and although that may not mean a ton of new readers, it does mean a lot of change for me.

I've shared before that change isn't exactly my favorite thing so this summer was waaaay outside my comfort zone.  I think I actually learned that it's not the change itself that bothers me, but the anticipation of the change.  Like how I stressed for weeks months about moving to a new house and leaving our beloved neighbors.

So, Hi!  My name is Lindsay.

I'm a wife, mama to my favorite boy, teacher to 8th graders, and health/fitness coach to anyone and everyone I can help.  I am the cofounder of Team EVOLVE and I truly believe that I can make a difference in this world one fitness/nutrition/health accomplishment at a time.

I've recently moved to a new town and still finding my way around, meeting new people, and joining new groups.  I'm just in love with life and can't wait to share my experiences with you all through this blog.  I have a huge heart for all things fall, fitness, babies, and affordable fashion.

It's pretty much a modge podge around these parts and I kinda like it that way.  No rules in my little space here - no confinements or restraints.

My intentions are to start sharing more consistently with one day a week being devoted to our new home and my ventures in decorating (or not decorating) each space, any DIY projects I attempt to conquer, and Fitness Fridays where I will share my favorite workouts, recipes, etc.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh, hey there...

I've been trying to think of a way to dive back into this little blog of mine that I've neglected for far longer than I ever anticipated.  A quirky explanation or maybe a dumping ground for excuses?

I've started and stopped writing this post several times over the last 2 weeks because I really don't know how to go about it.  Honestly, I don't feel I need an explanation or an excuse - I just needed time away.  Life got busy and if I'm honest, more important than my virtual life so I stepped away and focused my energy where I wanted it to go.  This post really "gets me" if you aren't following...

So if you've missed me in the last 2 months here is a quick update (or you could just stalk me on Instagram to see the day by day):
  • We moved into our dream home.  I know I'll be sharing more on that in the upcoming weeks because I'm in desperate need of some decorating advice.  #isuckatdecor
  • I traveled to Nashville with my team to attend Summit and had a tremendous experience.  More on that later.
  • CT and I flew home to NY for a week and a half to spend precious time with family.
  • We beached it a few times.
  • My passion for this business I'm building has grown even stronger.
  • We took those family photos I asked you all to help me style.
  • I updated my story a tad here.
There are lots more details in between and they didn't all happen in that order, but I'm excited to be back and I'm ready to share more of my journey with the world.

I missed you guys!