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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Favorites

I saw my girlfriend, Jen, do this Fall Favorites post and thought I would jump on the bandwagon.  I mean, I'm a basic girl who loves all things plaidpumpkinfallspice.  Who's with me?

Favorite Candle:
I'm burning this Spiced Pumpkin candle I bought on clearance last year at Kohl's.  (They have the best discount on candles after the holidays!)

Favorite Lip Color:
I'm not huge on lip color, but my cousin's wife started selling Mary Kay and I went to her party.  I fell in love with this gloss.  It goes on so smooth, doesn't feel sticky, and the color is perfect.

Favorite Drink:
I am not one to jump on the PSL bandwagon - I'm really just not a fan which is a shocker since I love pumpkin.  I'm also a tried and true Dunkin girl...I never see any cute posts about DD on Instagram though.  I really like the caramel latte or macchiato.  I'm also a fan of the white chocolate peppermint mocha from Starbucks when it comes around.

Favorite Blush:
I don't wear it.  My cheeks are rosy enough on their own.

Favorite Clothing Item:

My LulaRoe leggings and tops!  I'm hosting a party November 5th and I can't wait to buy all the things.  LulaRoe is a cool concept - a consultant comes and sets up a boutique in your living room while you and your friends drink wine and shop.  Plus for every 10 items purchased, the hostess gets 1 free and 90% of the items are made in America.

Favorite Fall Movie:
I love the Halloween specials.  We went to the movie in the park a few weeks ago and watched ET.
If you haven't seen my Charlie Brown It's the Great Pumpkin workout you might be interested in trying it while your littles watch it this week.

Favorite Fall TV Show:
Homeland.  Hands down favorite night of the week for tv is the night after it airs because hubs and I are too old to stay up that late and watch it.

Favorite Halloween Costume:

Last year my son was a pirate and he was adorable. This year he may have topped the cuteness charts as Yoda!

What are your fall favorites?


  1. Yay! So glad you did it! I can't wait to hear how your LuLaroe party went!! HAPPY FALL!


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