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Monday, October 5, 2015

When is the right time?

 If you're dating, undoubtedly you get asked when you're getting married.  And if you're married, you're asked when you're having babies.  And if you have babies, people want to know when you're going to have more...

I'm not sure what question comes after that because the last one is the one I get...a lot.

Then I also have people telling me one is enough and having more is crazy.  I don't listen to those people because I know my heart and my heart says we will have more.  I'm just not sure when.

When exactly is the right time to add another life to our family?

I struggle with this not because I am nervous about how I will handle it, when I will shower, or whether or not we can afford it.  I realize those are reasonable concerns, but they aren't mine.  I know no matter what we will take care of those things (and I will invest in dry shampoo.)  I'm nervous about what this will mean for my boy and me.

On days when it's just the three of us, those are the best days of my life.  The days when we do nothing, but get CT's haircut or eat a gyro at the county fair.  The evenings when we drive the truck around the block before bedtime or swim in the pool staring at the moon.  They're pretty much perfect.

I know there is room in my heart for more and I know my love will only grow.  Right now, I just really love the times when my boy crawls onto my lap to snuggle or when he runs through the house yelling, "Moooooommmmmma!"  And I know adding another bambino will change that.

When do you know your family is ready to grow?


  1. Love this! Fortunately for us- God took care of the when for us. We were on the pill and nursing my first and then I got the Mongolian death flu- or so I thought- turned out I was prego. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to love another child because I loved my son so much. Boy was I WRONG! The addition was a perfect fit for our family and my boys are close and love each other and will hopefully grow up super close to each other. As for all the people with the poor home training that ask about when you're gonna add to the family just smile and say "Aww... bless your heart." And let that be the end of it. I will say this to you- don't let your fears hold you back from growing your family. Just relax!


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