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Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Balance Work & Play

Balance is not something that has come easily for me.  I'm one of those uber passionate people who puts in 100% or 0% nothing in between.  So, when I started my online fitness coaching business on top of my teaching job, mothering, wifing, etc. I was forced to create a system of balance.

My husband will probably argue that I still struggle with this - and he's right.  (You didn't hear that, honey.) But, I think he would also agree that I've made significant progress in the way of balance.

I'm not perfect and would rather not be quite honestly.  There are days when I spend too much time on social media, too much money on advertising, and too much emphasis on the selfie stick.  However, in the beginning that was happening a lot more often than it is now.

Here are some ways I've learned to balance it all:

1. Plan and enjoy quality activities as a family.

Be sure to plan activities that focus on family togetherness.  These can be as small as a walk to the park, a trip to the zoo, or as elaborate as a night away at Great Wolf Lodge.  Whatever it is, be 100% present in the moment.  No work at all.

2. Create a "work space"

If you own your own business you know how easily the lines between work and home life can become blurred.  Especially if you don't have a home office set up.  Even if you don't have a designated room to use as your office, it is important to have a space where you do your work.  Don't allow yourself to bring the laptop to the couch or do work in an area where you might be distracted.

3. Power Hour

Set up a specific amount of time each day when you will solely work.  This should take place in your designated work space.  Set the timer for the amount of time you want to work and create a "to do" list to accomplish in that hour.  You may even turn your phone on airplane mode and definitely stay off social media during this time so you can focus exclusively on what you are doing.

4. Stop Stressing!

Stop stressing about the clothes in the hamper, the dust on the shelves, the dog hair on the couch.  More than likely what you clean up today will collect again tomorrow and there are things that won't be the same tomorrow that mean a whole lot more in the long haul.  Wait until your children are grown to have a spotless house.  No one is judging you on the cleanliness of your home (and if they are you don't want them around anyway!)

5. Schedule time for yourself.

This may seem impossible or unnecessary, but I'm telling you it could very well be the thing that makes a difference.  You must make time for yourself and invest in yourself in order for everything in life to balance.  Get up in the morning and work out, have quiet time, drink your tea in peace, whatever it is do something for you.  You deserve it and you need it in order to be the best mother/wife/daughter/friend/sister/etc. you can be.  Trust me when I say you will notice a difference.  It is not selfish to make time for yourself.

6. Reflect.

Each night as you lay in bed, reflect on the day and how you spent it.  Were you patient when you wanted to be patient?  Were you hard at work when you wanted to be hard at work?  Were you mama bear when you needed to be mama bear?  Reflect and adjust accordingly.  We are constantly growing, constantly evolving.

There are days when balance is completely out of the question and survival is of the essence.  However, most days I feel like life is equal parts fun and work.  I hope these tips help you to feel the same.


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