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Friday, December 11, 2015

2 years

To my baby boy,

It's so hard to believe that you've already been here for 2 years and in the same breath it's so hard to believe it's only been that long.  You are the one who has really given life to my life.

Your daddy and I often watch you play and we look at eachother and laugh wondering what we did before you were here.  Lately, you've been pretty amazed by our Roomba and we often find cans of tuna fish in our living room that you've been pushing around like little vacuums.  Your favorite books are "Meet Jack Truck" and "Thomas the Train Looks Up."  Neither of which are much for the storyline, but regardless each night you come to me with "Jack" and "Choo-choo" and ask me to read them.  Most nights you take them to daddy after we finish and he has to read them to you as well.

I think this past year has gone even fast than the first one.  You have grown leaps and bounds in so many ways.  Your vocabulary is impressive to say the least.  Every color and crayon is "yellow."  You look saying good night to things often yellowing "Good night, cow!" or "Good night, moon!" the whole way home from school as though if you're loud enough they might really hear you.

You've even said your first cuss word thanks to me.  You were helping me unload the dishwasher (you love this task) when you pulled the entire bottom rack full of clean dishes out onto the floor.  In my haste, I said "oh, sh#t" and you excitedly repeated it over and over and over and over...

Daddy thought that was quite funny by the way.

You have a few special friends at school and you really like to play in the kitchen area with the pots and pans.  Maybe one day you will be a world renowned chef.  You make incredible motor sounds as you drive your trucks all over the place.  Maybe one day you will be a race car driver.  We love watching you grow and how your interests develop as you go.

You've become quite independent, but you're really good at holding hands.  It's so sweet how you hang onto 2-3 fingers and you sometimes stop to check to make sure your grip is good before we go somewhere.  I love that you don't mind holding my hand.  You really love pushing your own grocery cart at the store.  The scary part is your reaction when its time to take things out and put them on the belt.  The first time we did this, you put on quite a show for the shoppers :)

I can't express how awesome these 2 years have been.  You truly are the best thing in the whole world.  And I know I'm your mom and I'm supposed to say that, but it's true.  You're bright and funny and strong and brave.  And I love being your mom more than life itself.



  1. I seriously can't believe he's 2 already!!


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