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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3 Ways to Prep for Santa

Christmas can be overwhelming.  Weekends are jam-packed with family functions, parties, travel, and little ones get wrapped up in it all.  Shoot.  Adults get wrapped up in it!  Sometimes I need Monday to come so I can rest from my weekend during holiday time.

As it gets closer to time for Santa to arrive I try to prep my home, my son, myself for the big day.

1. De-clutter

Almost every week this month I've brought a bag (or 2) full of items we no longer need or use to the thrift store.  It's nice to take the toys that kids no longer play with to someone who might use them to make room for anything new Santa may bring.

As I decorate for Christmas, I go through my decorations and decide whether not items still fit my vision for my holiday scheme.  I've found that many things can be donated, given to friends and family, or even trashed due to wear and tear.  Since we moved this summer I decided if it wasn't being used in the new home, it would probably never be used so it was either trashed, donated, or give away.

2. Schedule Rest

I know this seems silly and close to impossible especially as a parent, but it's really important to schedule a few days of family relaxation time during the holiday season.  Lay around in your pjs, drinking cocoa, and watching Christmas movies.  Or spend an afternoon baking cookies and decorating them.

You simply can't enjoy yourself when you're exhausted and this time of year can exhaust you.  In order to truly experience the holiday season, schedule some R&R for you and your family.

3. Introduce kids to Santa

This is probably the hardest part for littles.  They are so excited about Santa and they know who he is, what he does, and all that he means to the season, but when it comes time to sit on his lap they freak out.  There is no right or wrong way to introduce them to Santa and it may work one year and fail miserably the next, but here are a few things we've done to try to ease the creepiness for our little guy.

Read lots of books.  Each night before bed we read several books; one is always about Santa.  We make sure to point him out.  Talk about him and practice saying, "Ho, ho, ho!"

Watch holiday movies. Let them see Santa being friendly and doing what he does in action.

Visit him from afar.  Go to the mall a few times and see Santa from afar before going for pictures.  Let your littles see other children getting on his lap to talk to him, let them ask questions, etc.

Get excited about him together.  Really talk Santa up.  I know he's not the reason for the season, but he has a major presence this time of year so it's important for kids to be comfortable around him.  If kids know that you love Santa, it will naturally rub off on them.

How do you prep for Santa?


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