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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Packing a Toddler Bag

When CT was a baby, I knew I pretty much had to cart around everything and the kitchen sink just in case.
Ya know?

My diaper bag weighed as much as he did if not more!

Now that he is a little older I've found some ways to make the load slightly lighter.

toddler bag

As he's grown, I don't necessarily need all the little things.  I can more or less get by with a few bare essentials and if I realize I'm lacking something while I'm out, I can pop into Target or CVS and pick it up.  I've also learned that backpacks are a momma's best friend.  I love this cute black one from SheIn because it's inexpensive (because toddlers mean spills) and fashionably functional.  Chasing a little one with a diaper bag hanging from your shoulder isn't easy!

1. Snack Cup: Don't leave home without it!  I also keep a bag of Goldfish or Bunny Grahams in the console of my Jeep because it never fails that we run our and have a meltdown on our way home.

2. Extra clothing: I made the mistake of thinking that I didn't need to have extra pants (just shirts) one day when we went to the mall and I ended up in Baby Gap making an impromptu pant purchase for my little guy.  Definitely have extra clothes on hand.

3. Toys: Whatever your child likes best than is small and portable.  Bring it!

4. Wipes & Diapers: I've also left the house without diapers before only to pop in somewhere to buy a pack after being gone longer than normal.

5. Sippy Cup: I didn't picture this because typically my son is carrying it and it's not in my bag, but as my son has gotten older I've found the value in having a sippy cup.  It's nice not to have to have bottles and breast milk and such with me because I can get milk or water practically anywhere to fill it up.

Do you have any other essentials you carry with you wherever you go?


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