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Friday, December 18, 2015

Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

I don't know what it is about the tiny little items that go inside stockings each year, but they are some of my favorite things to buy for gifts.  It's so easy to go overboard and spend a crazy amount on stocking stuffers so I always try to set a budget of $20-$25 per stocking.  Because...the best things come in small packages, right?

I've put together some stocking guides for everyone in your family this year:
dad stocking

I love surprising my husband with little things like funky socks and those unique cufflinks.  What a conversation piece at work!  The Sriracha keychain is pretty comical if you ask me, but a great gift for a hot sauce fiend.  Some other stand-bys include shaving gear, golf tees, and money clips.

mom stocking

Mom is a little easier in my opinion because there are soooo many cute little things that are out on the market targeted toward this niche.  I love Sweaty Bands and they are coming out with some really cute ones that aren't just for working out anymore.  You can't go wrong with hand sanitizer - especially this scent - or candles.  Some cute studs and lipgloss are every woman's favorite.  And when I saw this cute coin purse for less than $5 I knew it had to go on the list!

toddler stocking

Toddlers are going to love anything you put in their stocking.  Simply the act of removing things from it is exciting.  I tried to focus on needs more than anything for this stocking in an effort to avoid filling it full of unnecessary *junk* or sugar.  Which we already have enough of as toddlermoms.  My son loves these Z bars and they are a healthier alternative to the traditional granola bar.  We are starting to talk about the potty and sit on it a few times a week so I think it's probably time to read about it and I like how this book is specific for boy and girls.  Tub time toys are always a good choice as well as straw cups.  Toddlers love straw cups!  I snagged some of these socks the other day to throw in since the dryer loves to eat socks and I absolutely adore these slippers.

dog stocking

I know there are other pets out there, but we just have dogs so I made a dog stocking stuffer list.  Honestly, I would never buy our dogs these adorable donut chew toys because they would be torn apart in minutes, but if your dog isn't as destructive as ours, these are too cute not to buy.  A new brush and some of their favorite treats make great stocking stuffers.  We love rope toys because our dogs love to play tug of war, but also because they aren't as easily destroyed.  Lastly, these treat toys are wonderful - they keep the dogs busy forever.

What do you put in your Christmas stockings?


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