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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

11 Weeks

How Far Along: 11 weeks today

Size of Baby: Lime

Weight Gain: 0

Stretch Marks: Not yet - hopefully not ever

Maternity Clothes:  I want to get my BeBands out of storage because by the end of the day my bump action is a little stronger and its uncomfortable to have pants buttoned, but not quite ready for maternity clothes just yet. I've purchased a few new things from a resale site on Facebook that specializes in maternity and I'm excited to start wearing them soon!

Gender:  Not sure yet, but I keep thinking girl for some reason

Movement:  Nada

Sleep:  It's not great - I could use more (said every mom ever)

Missing:  Not too much

Loving:  My growing bump

Craving:  Lemon in my water.  Strawberries, soup of all sorts 

Feeling: Finally back to myself!  Praying it stays this way.

Looking Forward: Spending as much one on one time with CT as possible.  Looking forward to our next appointment on the 28th.  Excited for our little "baby-moon" I earned for us with my Beachbody business.

Best Moment(s): Laying in bed with CT before his bedtime and talking about the baby. This past long weekend we did a whole lot of nothing except putter and do little things around the house and it was really nice to just be us for the weekend.

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