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Monday, February 1, 2016

13 Weeks

How Far Along: 13 weeks today

Size of Baby: Peach

Weight Gain: 1

Stretch Marks: Not yet - hopefully not ever

Maternity Clothes:  I've purchased several items off a maternity resale site I found on Facebook and I've found several non-maternity pieces at Target, Old Navy, and Belk that have been really helpful in this transitional time.  I'm not trying to stuff myself into my normal clothes (like I did first go-round) because it's simply uncomfortable.  I also racked up at Old Navy the other day when they were having their online exclusive 90% off sale because the majority of maternity clothing is online exclusive!  

Gender:  Not sure yet, but I keep thinking girl for some reason

Movement:  Feeling little flutters- like butterfly wings

Sleep:  It's not great - I could use more (said every mom ever) and it would be nice if my toddler and dogs would stop ganging up on me trying to stop that from happening.

Missing:  Sushi.  We went out for sushi last night and we've been a few times since I've been pregnant - each time I just get cooked rolls and I'm happy, but the place we went to last night had a very limited selection for me.

Loving:  Crossing things off our to-do list around the house

Craving:  Lemon in my water.  Fruit and fresh veggies

Feeling: Finally back to myself! A really, really tired version of myself.

Looking Forward: Spending as much one on one time with CT as possible.  Date nights with my husband.  A potential family vacation over spring break.  

Best Moment(s): Hearing my baby's heartbeat at the doctor last week and see him/her on the big screen.  It's amazing in just 6 weeks how much he/she has grown!  

This has been a crazy busy week - hence the mom over here waving and saying:

"Hi!  Remember me?!  I'm the blogger who is over here NOT properly documenting this pregnancy like I should."

I had been having a lot of anxiety over the Zika virus and whether or not it would prevent me from going on my cruise.  Luckily, Beachbody changed the course of the cruise, removing Haiti from the list and changing it to the Bahamas and Jamaica.  Unfortunately, my doctor is pretty convinced that it is a matter of time before those 2 countries are added to the list and has recommended I not go on the trip.  

Honestly, I'm disappointed because I worked my arse off that for that trip, but I'm more in love with this sweet baby in my belly than anything else and I would miss ALL the cruises if it meant keeping this little nugget safe.  As mamas, we sacrifice and this doesn't even feel like a big one.  Really.

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