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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

14 Weeks

How Far Along: 14 weeks as of last Monday (I really intended to write this post on Monday, but LIFE)

Size of Baby: Lemon

Weight Gain: 2ish pounds - some days the scale shows no gain, other days it's 1-2 pounds

Stretch Marks: Not yet - hopefully not ever

Maternity Clothes:  I've got several pair of pants recently that are elastic-waisted so that I can wear them throughout pregnancy and after.  I have maternity items, but my belly just isn't quite big enough for them yet.  I'm okay with that.  I also made an attempt at the belly band for Superbowl Sunday and let's just be real - those things don't hold your jeans up.  There, I said it.

Gender:  Not sure yet, but I made an appoint for us to get a 4D ultrasound down next weekend so that we can take CT and he can see his baby brother/sister.  This will also tell us a little early (16 weeks) what we can expect in August!

Movement:  Feeling little flutters- like butterfly wings

Sleep:  It's not great - I could use more (said every mom ever) and it would be nice if my toddler and dogs would stop ganging up on me trying to stop that from happening.

Missing:  Wine. But I have concocted my own little "mocktail" of gingerale and OJ and it's pretty good for the nights I want to feel like I'm drinking something special.

Loving:  Crossing things off our to-do list around the house.  I spent last Saturday deep-cleaning the house and felt incredibly good and proud of that achievement.  

Craving:  Lemon in my water.  Fruit and fresh veggies.  Spring!  I'm ready for the cold weather to either show up with some snow or move out.

Feeling: Finally back to myself! A really, really tired version of myself. But, my energy is back and I've made two 5am workouts in a row this week!  

Looking Forward: Spending as much one on one time with CT as possible.  Date nights with my husband.  A potential family vacation over spring break.  I'm really excited about the appointment so that CT can really see the baby - he talks about the baby a lot, but I'm excited to see his reaction when he realizes it's real.

Best Moment(s): Superbowl Sunday we had family and friends over for the game and that was really fun + superbowl food is pretty much the best ever.  My sweet MIL gave me a china cabinet for my birthday (and painted it!!) and I was finally able to display our wedding china after 5 years of marriage.  I've welcomed 6 new coaches to my team recently and I'm just really excited about helping these women crush their goals, launch their business, and really change their family's lives.


  1. You look great, lady! Can't wait to find out if baby is a boy or a girl :) Do you have names picked out yet??

    Love & Aloha


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