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Friday, February 5, 2016

That time I peed on a stick in Walmart

pee on a stick pregnancy

Yuuuuuuup.  You read that right.

So, this time around, I kinda sorta positively knew I was pregnant, but didn't really insist upon taking the test until my husband pretty much said - do it.  I already knew because of how my body felt, but I also knew we needed to know for sure and make an appointment.

One morning I wasn't feeling particularly well and Justin said a few times - you need to take a test!

Well, once that idea was in my head I was like, "I have to take a test and I have to take a test now!"

I had time after dropping CT off before heading to work to go to Walmart and pick up a pregnancy test.  Of course I ran into like 3 former students (who should have been at school already) and had to practically smuggle the test to the cashier - thankfully there were no accusations of stealing.  Then I was in line and the man behind me was like, "Do you mind if I go around you?  I'm on my way to work and I don't want to be late."

Of course.  I let him go around me.  And of course - a former student got in line behind me.  (Who should have been in school already, mind you.)  And of course.  The cashier inspected the package before putting my pregnancy test box in a bag.

It was torture I tell you.

Anyway, I immediately went into the bathroom, peed on the stick, stuck it back in the wrapper-in the box-in the shopping bag and walked ran to the car.

I caught my breath and pulled it out to see 2 lines.  I was pregnant!  So I sent a selfie to my hubby to share the good news.  And here we are....

You thought people just wore pajamas to Walmart, but I took it to a whole new level.  Great story to share with the little bambino one day.


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