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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Difference a Lifestyle Makes

This series focuses on staying fit throughout pregnancy.  Each individual should consult with her doctor before starting a fitness regimen while pregnant as each case is different.  
*Please remember that although I am a certified group fitness instructor and health/fitness coach, I am not a personal trainer or a nutritionist.  This blog reflects my personal nutrition and fitness regimen; it is important to consult with your doctor before beginning a routine.*

After I had my son I got to a point where I just knew it was time to do something for me.  With mommyhood comes this overwhelming sense of - do everything for others and put yourself on the back burner.  Any mommies out there relate?

32 weeks pregnant with CT

It's no secret that during my pregnancy with him I battled extreme edema and weight gain - it didn't help that I was taking my National Boards and in master's classes during that time.

I did manage to run throughout my pregnancy until I got to 32 weeks.  However, I ran just a few times a week and didn't do any other type of strength training to supplement.  I say all this not because I'm discrediting what I did to stay healthy during that time, but because I know this time around will be even healthier.

After having CT I established an extremely healthy lifestyle including *mostly* clean eating, cardio, strength training, and good nutrition.  It's easily making the transition into pregnancy/double mommyhood easier.

I've had a few people say, "You're still exercising?!"  There are always opinions on that - heck, there are opinions on everything.  My doctor is encouraging me to continue strength training and running as long as I feel well enough to do so (and as long as my check-ups continue to be uneventful).  If your doctor says it's okay, go for it!

I've had other people say, "You shouldn't be drinking those shakes - you need to gain weight now." There - of course - are always opinions on that and you've got the people who say - "You're eating for 2, have seconds, thirds, fourths!"

It hit me the other day when someone made a comment about Shakeology and the fact that I was still drinking it that 1. people don't truly know what Shakeology is, 2. there are so many 'quick fixes' and 'magic pills' on the market that consumers don't know the difference, 3. people think I'm drinking Slim Fast!

Do you know what my doctor said when I brought Shakeology in to show her?
She grabbed my phone, texted herself the info, and said "I'm interested in this stuff!"

So, there's that.

And it occurred to me today when I stepped on the scale (which I need to stop doing so frequently) and saw a number I've not seen yet on this pregnancy journey that I need to focus on my health and the health of the baby.  I need to not focus on the number on that dang machine.


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