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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

17 & 18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks yesterday - I know these aren't the highest quality pictures, but real life is this.  There is no time to set up a tripod and try to be official about it with a toddler running around, but I do work out each day so why not snap a pic then?!  Also - yes, I missed last week - life.

Size of Baby: Sweet Potato

Weight Gain: 6 pounds

Stretch Marks: Not yet - hopefully not ever

Maternity Clothes:  I am pretty much just wearing maternity - some of my stretchy pants are still super comfy so I wear those, too.  

Gender:  CT, Hubby, and I went to a 4D ultrasound and found out the gender as a family.  We are keeping it a secret until March 12th when we will announce it to our close family and friends at a little party at our house.

Movement:  Feeling little flutters- like butterfly wings - sometimes some tossing/turning

Sleep:  This past weekend we got CT's big boy bed set up and it made sleep soooo much better for all of us.  He slept all night in his bed and I slept through the night, too!

Missing:  Wine.  Last week I was in Chicago for work and I really missed out on trying some of the local brews and craft beers, but it's worth it!

Loving:  The fact that we have a little special secret between the 4 of us right now.

Craving:  Lemon in my water.  Fruit.  

Feeling: Finally back to myself! I am excited about meal prep and cooking and all the things I love and that just makes my heart happy.  Also loving getting outside for some runs with CT.  Now that I feel good, I've been running with the stroller again.

Looking Forward: Spending as much one on one time with CT as possible.  Date nights with my husband.  A family vacation to the beach over spring break.   And our Gender Reveal on 3/12.

Best Moment(s): I was out of town most of last week for work so I missed CT, but it was really nice to come home and slip into bed beside him Saturday night.  When he woke up Sunday morning it was a nice surprise that I was home.  


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