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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beach Weekend

Over spring break we decided to spend a few days a the beach and we planned it so that we could have 3 whole days with no rushing around.

To think these images only share what we brought into the hotel with us the one night we stayed in one.  Yes, you read that right...one.

It was pretty perfect.  We got to the coast Thursday night and pretty much went to bed so that we could wake up Friday morning and have the whole day to do whatever even if it was predicted to be rainy and chilly and windy.

After a yummy breakfast of yogurt, cinnamon roll, banana, oatmeal, sausage, fruit loops, and some fruit loops for the road.  CT literally ate one of everything or almost everything.  Cue the belly pop.  We headed to the outlets because....mom's day!  :)

In reality I had heard there was a Motherhood Maternity outlet in the area and got super excited because - big belly needs some pants and last time I was pregnant with CT my body was verrrrry different considering I conceived him at about the weight I am now (22 weeks pregnant).  BUT, unfortunately you can put the word outlet on the store, but that don't mean the store's an outlet.

Prices were identical to what I had seen in the regular Motherhood store which was a pretty big letdown considering I had gone in with the mentality that I had a budget and this was my reward for recently rank advancing in my business.  In a nutshell, I found a pair of beautiful grey pants on the clearance rack and my day was done.

So, we left after realizing no other stores on the face of the planet carry motherhood anywhere but online.  Seriously, people?!

And headed on our merry way to Broadway at the Beach where we ate during a hurricane at Margaritaville, fed the fat catfish, and wandered around the place betweenst rain showers.  I forgot to mention CT did get his first pair of Wayfarers at the outlets that morning.

He's a rockstar.  And he apparently owns it, too!

I'll share more about our windy day at the beach later this week.


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