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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Calling All Dreamers

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Have you ever had a dream that you really wanted to make happen, but something got in your way?

Maybe it was self-doubt - that could never really happen.
Maybe it was money - it cost too much to make that happen.
Maybe it was time - I don't have time in my day to make that happen.
Maybe it was lack of opportunity - where would I even begin to make that happen?

That's sort of the way I felt after I had my son.  Before having him I would have never wanted to stay home, but shortly after I dreaded going back to work.  And my dream quickly turned into a burning desire to stay home with him.

But, I struggled with ALL of the above.
I "knew" it could never really happen.  It would cost too much for me to stay home or to start my own business.  I was too busy to devote time to something.  I didn't even know where to start!

For whatever reason something in my gut told me to go for it.  Thinking back it was probably looking at my gut in the mirror that made me go for it.

From the beginning I had pretty big dreams.  Top of the list being to be able to stay home with my babies.  Ever since having my son that has been my biggest dream.  Now that baby girl is on the way it's even bigger.  But, you guys, I was SO SCARED to share it with anyone.  Even my parents!

I just kept telling myself in the back of my head it would never happen.  And the other day I logged into my online office to see that I'm #184 in the company right now.  184 out of 415,000 coaches.  Way bigger news than I ever expected to hear.  And you know what it made me realize?

That little old me from the middle of nowhere can make this dream happen and if I can do it - you can do it, too! What if those dreams you've been dreaming aren't that far away?

I'm hosting a LIVE Glance into Coaching event TONIGHT on Facebook from 8:30-9:30EST.  I would love to share this business with you and how it has blessed me, my family, and every aspect of my life.  If you are even remotely interested, let me know!  Let's get connected so you can go for your dreams, too.


  1. You have to dream and go for it! Don't doubt yourself, dream big!
    xo, Lee


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