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Monday, April 11, 2016

That Time I Tried to be a Fashion Blogger

When I first started this blog it was really intended for family and friends to keep up with my newly married life down in the south.  Honestly, I just had no clue what I was doing, but I knew I loved to read blogs and wanted to feel close to my family and friends even if we were so far removed physically.

As I entered the blogging community and started meeting incredible women, I quickly wanted to be more involved.  And then I was told I needed a niche in order to be successful so I started hunting for one immediately.

I realized I loved looking at other people's fashion posts + I love shopping so - easy.  Fashion Blogger I be!  But then I actually started trying to do the whole fashion blogger thing and I really don't think I had any clue how much time, money, or the number of photoshoots it would take in order to be halfway decent (which I don't think I ever was).

So - yeah, about the niche.  I think my niche is just spilling my heart out via blog.  Does that count?

I'm not saying I don't think I'll ever take an outfit photo again.  I just genuinely don't know when I will find the time to do that - unless it's from my iPhone, but apparently that's not supposed to be happening either.  And really - if we have our DSLR with us, I'm typically the one behind it.

Things that will never make me a fashion blogger...
  1. My wardrobe is mostly thrifted, clearance racked, or sale bin.
  2. Makeup is 100% 24/7 minimal.
  3. I don't have a beautiful setting to snap pics
  4. ...and I'm not going to drive to one or pay someone to take them for me.
  5. I'm a mom and a lot of what I buy meets the "wash and wear" requirement.
I think I've also come to terms with the fact that I'm not nearly as stylish as I once thought I was.  Crop tops scare me.  Booty shorts make me grimace.  And my shoe collection consists of a lot of sneakers - so many sneakers.  

And I'm okay with that.  I've realized it's not about having a label or being any type of certain way.  It's about what's important to me and hopefully what is important to me is also important to some of you.  That way at least someone out there continues to read my little space on the Internets.  :) 

I can promise a few things about my "niche"
  • It's all real - painfully, uneditably, sometimes even fuzz-ily real
  • Motherhood is my jam
  • I'm doing the best I can and I will cheer you on as you do you the best you can, too
  • It's always 100% from the heart.  Always.
I hope you stick around for my lack of fashion posts.  xoxo


  1. reason #7687584747868 why i love you

  2. I love this! I feel like I "should" have more of a niche too but I'm really not all into one thing. It tends toward motherhood and kid related travel/style/celebrations but as they grow and as I grow it changes! and also YES- blogging is a ton of work! But I have the bug! Love this post and your honesty!

  3. I sometime imagine how different my blog will be when I have a child and my priorities change. A big part of me feels like I will share your same sentiments. And that is okay. I blog b/c it's fun and I have time to do it. But if this changes, then so will my blogging.


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