Monday, January 30, 2017

A New Couch

Man, you wouldn't think something so small would have so much meaning, right?  I mean, it's a couch for crying out loud.

I've been working though my PowerSheets goal workbook this year and one of the first goals I wrote down in it was to make my house feel like a home.  Truth is I really just want our home to feel welcoming and cozy and serene.  But, I also know that chaos in the home leads to chaos in all areas of life so it's at the forefront of my goal list in an effort to positively impact EVERY aspect - relationships, leisure time, business, etc.

One of my goals for January (and I thought I was going to push it to February) was to find us a sectional.  We've been living on the same couch my husband bought for his first house 11 years ago.  And it was very nice furniture 11 years ago, but between all those years + 2 dogs + 2 children + a move it has gone through a lot.  And it shows.

Our new home has a large living room and we really wanted a big, cozy sectional sofa in there.  I envision movie nights, snuggles, and cuddles under blankies.  Not to mention, it's a much larger "race track" for my toddler to drive his cars on.  (Important features.)

The biggest thing is we were able to go out and just find what we liked and order it.  Thanks to our business, we are no longer stretching our income from paycheck to paycheck and that in itself makes life feel a little less chaotic.

I guess the question is what is the "new couch" in your life?
What is on your goal list and what is holding you back from making it happen?

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