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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Girlfriend Project

You guys, I can't. even. right. now.

Seriously, this project has been in the works forever!  And I'm so excited to finally be sharing it with you all!!!!  Jenn and I started thinking this up last year and we really wanted to make sure our vision come out right so we've put blood, sweat, and sweet tears into this little baby.

We were thanking our lucky stars one day for the friendship that has developed between the two of us since we met through blogging however many years ago.  Truth is, if not for blogging we would have ever met because she lives in New York while I live in North Carolina.  It's sort of awesome how social media connects us all, isn't it?

As a woman, wife, and mama it's not always easy to spend time with our friends.  I rarely do something with the girls that doesn't include me bringing a baby along with me.  You too?!

So, we figured, why not make it easier to find and connect with girlfriends?  Girlfriends that understand life is crazy and we may not be able to see one another each day, but we love each other and support each other regardless!  Girlfriends who are doing this whole life thing just like us and get that we may not talk as much as we want to, but we've still got each other's back!

So, the whole concept is this:
Our aim is to use social media as a way to inspire, connect, and grow alongside one another no matter what our zip code may be.  And to prioritize ourselves by serving one another each month as we get to know one another.

Here is how it works…

Each month you choose to participate we will connect you with another “girlfriend.”  Through social media handles and correspondence you 2 will get to know one another.  As you get to know one another, you will compile little things throughout the month that hold special meaning and then send a little package to one another by the end of the month as a gift.  The gift should be about $15 in value and go along with the monthly theme + what you’ve learned about your new girlfriend.  

Our hope is …

That by spending time getting to know one another, you will not only make a new acquaintance, but build a new friendship and spread some happiness along the way.

If you want to join us as we launch this project in April fill out the form and we will get you matched up with a girlfriend!

Monday, February 13, 2017

You're Invited!!

So, is anyone else obsessed with LulaRoe?!

I'm over here like, "NO.  No.  More.  I must get back into my clothes hanging in my closet."
Then I see someone is having a pop-up sale and I'm all like, *drool* "Give me all the leggings."

It's a problem.  But not one I'm trying to necessarily fix right now.  😜

Instead, I figured why not host a Fashion + Fitness event?!  So, I got in touch with my girl, Natalie, and we decided to host a Fitness + Fashion party.  What is this you might ask?

WHAT: A party to celebrate your fashion sense as well as your health/fitness goals.
WHERE: On Facebook (Join by clicking here)
WHEN: February 23rd (But you'll want to join us early for a chance to win a prize)
WHY: Because you deserve to treat yo'self!

This party is slightly different because she and I are combining two of our favorite things:


This works out for you because we have decided to treat you with a free gift if you make a purchase from her or sign up for my next challenge group with me that night!  WINNING!!

If you want to join us, just click this link and join the Facebook group.  We will be sharing a few things along the way and I'll be hosting a giveaway in the meantime!