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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Vow to My Daughter

Since having my son in December 2013, I made a promise to myself to be better.  
A better wife, mom, person.  I fail; every day I fail.  But, I'm truly trying to be better.  

Since having my daughter last August, I've been hard on myself.  
I've not been as loving or graceful toward myself as I am with others.  It's time I revisit that original promise and make a vow to myself and to her.

Dear Daughter,

I promise you that you will never hear your mommy mutter ugly words about myself, my body, food, or my relationship with it.  No ugly words under my breath, no ugly words aloud.  I also vow to do my best to keep those ugly words out of my own head so that my thoughts do not become my words.

I vow to better myself so that you do not spend the first 20+ years of your life struggling with body image, stepping on the scale, allowing anything or anyone (but you) to define your self-worth.

I vow to show you that you set the tone for your life; let us not give credit to what the media or society says we should or should not look like, talk like, act like, feel like, be like.

I vow to show you what a strong woman looks like, what a confident woman sounds like, what a selfless mom loves like.  I will teach you how to love yourself by showing you.  I will encourage you to let the light within you shine by being a light in the darkness myself.  I will empower you.

I promise that you will see me move every day.  You will see me caring for this amazing body.  You will see me embrace my curves and walk proudly.  You will see me lead an active lifestyle and you will have a mommy that gets down on the floor or the grass or the park swing and plays with you.

I vow to never let you see me beat myself up or slave away on the treadmill or deny myself the joys of good food.  I promise to show you what healthy balance is all about.

I promise to start slowing down, saying no to things that aren't important, and saying yes to coloring, race cars, and being outside.  I promise to work hard into the night and early morning hours so that I don't give up any time with you and your brother.  I promise to teach you that working hard and living a dream doesn't mean giving up the important things in life.

Most of all, I promise to love you with a love you may never understand.  I promise to put you and your brother first every time.  I promise to be the best mommy I can possibly be.  I promise to cherish each little moment as they pass by too fast.  I promise.



Feel free to leave me some love. It makes my heart smile.