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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How I Solved My Stress Problem

You aren't going to believe me, but I pretty much solved my stress problem.

So, if you've followed my journey on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know I've struggled getting back into the groove after having my daughter, Laurel.  Laurel had a rough 3 months adjusting to "life on the outside" as I lovingly like to refer to her colic/acid reflux stage of life.  It was a looooong 3 months for her and me.

Then there was the flu and just a list of excuses that kept me from keeping my 5AM wakeup call.

Fast forward to now:
I am COMMITTED.  No excuses, y'all!

I started this 21 Day Bikini Bootcamp and the tone of the group is so motivating + positive that I have found my groove again!  So, here is the secret to how I solved my stress problem:

I started waking up earlier, pushing play on my workout, and prioritizing myself.

It sounds just as crazy to you as it does to me!  I mean, how in the world do I feel LESS stressed when I'm doing more?!  How do I have MORE energy when I'm giving up 45 minutes of sleep?  Sounds backwards, doesn't it? 

The other day as we were packing the kids up to get in the car (on time, mind you) I said to my husband, "You know, ever since I stared waking up at 5AM to do my workout our mornings are going so much smoother.  I don't feel rushed, I'm more patient, and there is no anxiety about being late."  Again, doesn't make sense - throwing in ONE MORE THING to my morning routine is making me feel less stressed and anxious?!

But, here is the thing.  Exercise releases endorphins, endorphins make your body feel good, and that makes your body have a higher immunity to pain + depression + anxiety + stress.  

Solution to my stress problem: pushing play and taking 30 minutes of ME TIME each morning before the sun comes up.


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