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Thursday, May 11, 2017


As a mom (and woman in general) I struggle with feeling "good enough" in some situations.

Is my house clean enough?
Are my children behaved enough?
Am I pretty enough?
Is my job stable enough?
Am I loving enough?

You get the picture.

As I'm going through The Shift Shop Test Group (day 3), I'm actually growing in so many ways I didn't realize I would.  For the first time since having baby #2, I'm realizing that I am "good enough."  More than good enough!  (I think it helps that I'm also reading through I Am That Girl with my current accountability group.)

As great as I feel during my workout, when Chris Downing is inspiring me and pushing me and believing in me....life happens.  And I don't always feel that same way the whole day through.  So, I'm writing down these affirmations and sharing them with you because I'm going to repeat these as often as necessary until I don't just remember them, I believe them.

I am one badass mother.
I am a great mom and wife.
I am prioritizing myself so that I can be my best.
I am making an impact.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am beautiful inside AND out.
I am loved.
I belong.
I am a smart, successful leader.
I am helping even in the smallest of ways.
I am inspiring.
I am worthy.
I am ALIVE and thriving.
I can do anything I put my mind to.
I will accomplish my dreams.
I am writing my own story.
I am working for my family's dream, not someone else's.
I got this!

Sometimes, we just need a reminder - I, for one, am going to reaffirm these things in my heart as often as necessary.  Until they are embedded in me.

You are SO MUCH MORE than enough.


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