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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Busy Moms Unite + Meal Prep

Are you too busy?
Are you EXHAUSTED when you get home?
Do you run from work to daycare to PTA to ball practice?

Man, I was in a RUT 3 years ago.  Between momming, wifing, working, adulting, there was NO TIME to be cooking, exercising, or worrying about being healthy.  At some point I threw my hands up and said, ENOUGH!  And decided to do something about it all.

I won't lie, it was overwhelming at first.  I didn't really know where to start and thinking about a whole week's worth of food at once + taking into account schedules was just too much.

But, I've practiced long enough to get it down to a science (for my family and me).  I completely understand that what works for one family doesn't work for every family, but I also believe in sharing the knowledge when you have it just in case it might help someone in your old situation.  So, I'm  putting together a mini-series here on my blog called MEAL PREP 101.

I want to share tips and recipes and strategies with you to help you and your family have MORE TIME TOGETHER, less stress, and start a healthier lifestyle in baby steps.

So, my question to you:


Ask me anything!
I want to know what your concerns are, your hesitations, your questions, everything because I want to help you find answers that allow you to make this part of your life in turn maybe feeling a little less busy.

Such a popular buzz word these days...we're all busy, right?  I'm hoping to launch this mini-series next week and will answer your questions, share recipes, trips, and strategies that work for us over the course of the following weeks.

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