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Thursday, January 16, 2020

10 Reasons NOT to have a Gym Membership

I use to love the gym.  Like, self-proclaimed gym rat.  It felt like the communal watering hole for awesome people and I wanted to drink the kool-aid.  I mean, I guess I really liked to be able to answer, "I'm heading to the gym," when people asked me what I was doing after work.  Also, the group fitness aerobics class on Saturday mornings was my straight up JAM.

Until I had kids...

So, no gym membership for this chick going on 7 years now.  Let me give you 10 good reasons why:

1.  Too damn expensive.
I feel like this is everyone's excuse these days for not prioritizing their health/fitness when it comes to exercise and nutrition, but let's be real, y'all.  For the purpose of this blog post I did a little local research for the gyms in my area and this is what I found. 

One CrossFit gym offered memberships ranging from $55-$120/month depending on what you were looking for.  $120 got you 24 hours access.  The newest gym to come into our town starts at something like $65/month for a membership and when I looked at their class schedule the majority of them are virtual.  So you literally travel to the gym to take a virtual class.  The new Planet Fitness advertises for $10.99/month, BUT to upgrade and have access to any Planet Fitness Worldwide (you must commit to 12 months for this package) it is $22.99/month.  Not awful, but still almost $300/year.  And lastly, the local YMCA is $60 to start up and then $42.05/month for one adult.

This doesn't even include the local yoga studio which is a whopping $534/6 months of yoga!

I just can't with that, y'all.  I mean, I like to splurge on myself a few times a month and if I was spending $40+ on a gym membership I would feel really guilty doing something extra.

2.  Travel time.
I get it, gyms are literally popping up everywhere.  I mean I'm pretty sure I have 5 options within less than 5 miles of my house right now, BUT those 5 miles of travel will more than likely keep me from actually using the membership.  Convenience is life for me.  I'm on a super limited time budget and those 5 miles will add at least 10-20 minutes to my workout time (both ways).

3.  My kids.
Some of the gyms above provide childcare which is amazing.  Some are open 24/7 when I could have someone else watch my kids so I could go.  Some even offer kids' fitness classes for an additional charge.  All of that is amazing!  However, I'm a big sufferer of mom guilt and I do not like having my children in school, daycare, and after school care all day just to put them in the gym play area for an hour each evening so I can work out.  I actually want to spend time with my kids.

4.  It's gross.
When I was in my 20s I didn't care, but now every time I use a community gym I think of all the other sweat, hair, and body parts that have touched the equipment.  Not to mention, my roommate in college got ring worm from using the mats even after sanitizing the equipment each time.  Ew.

5.  Crowds
Something you may not know about me; I hate crowds.  I avoid the mall like the plague.  If it's not an outdoor strip or outlet mall, you won't see me there.  I am not a clubber because I don't like bumping into all the people.  In fact the only time you'll find me (willingly) in a crowd and smiling is at Disney World.  I'll happily sit my butt in a crowd at that place.

6.  Wait Time.
I hate waiting for people to get off equipment so that I can get my workout in.  Maybe this goes along with my time problem with travel.  I'm on a limited time budget, people!  Instagram your bicep after you're done using the weight bench!  And stop trying to read your text book and listen to your headphones while walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes. 

7.  Accountability.
Or lack thereof.  No one knows if I go to the gym or not.  So, if I don't feel like paying for it, traveling to it, putting my kids in childcare, or dealing with people, no one knows if I skip it.  Which means no one calls me out for it. 

8.  Equipment.
This one might confuse you, but the equipment in a gym can be so overwhelming.  I mean, what do I do with some of those machines?!  Not to mention, what do I do with the machines consistently over time so that I get the results I'm looking for?  In other words, I want someone telling me what to do.  And based on the previous cost rundown, I can't afford that.

9.  Food.
Ummmm....someone told me Planet Fitness offers pizza on Fridays and bagels throughout the month?  Sort of defeats the purpose of paying and going if you ask me.  I mean, I like free food and all, but maybe a shake or something?

10. Schedules.
I don't like doing things on someone else's time.  I realize that sounds so spoiled rotten, but it's true.  I don't want to show up to the gym at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning for my HIIT Bootcamp class.  I want to do it when I feel like doing it on Saturday.  I don't want to race from a parent/teacher conference to the gym to join the back of the pilates class 5 minutes late.  Honestly, I hate appointments.  Knowing I have to be somewhere at a specific time outside my normal work schedule gives me anxiety.  So, yeah, I like to do it when I want.

Like I said, I looooooved the gym for years.  I mean I could spend hours there and feel pretty damn good about myself, but that all changed when my time budget started adulting on me. 

Are you a gym rat?

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