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Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Have you taken the enneagram test everyone is talking about?

I took it a few years ago after hearing Rachel Hollis rave about it in so many of her podcasts and at her live event for my company.  And I must say I prefer it to the other personality type tests I've taken in the past.

Essentially this test assigns you numbers that go along with your personality and I know that my core values haven't changed in the past 2 years, but as a person, I've come a long way so I wanted to see if my results had changed.

Again, I was a 2 with a wing 3 which is what I've always been and it as accurate as can be if you know me...

I am totally the helper and as much as I hate to admit it feeling unwanted or disliked is my absolute worst nightmare which is why the events of the past 2 years have been sooooo hard on me.  I am super sensitve and nurturing.  As far as my "wing" - this just means it's my next highest number and it's so high that it could easily be used to describe me as well - yup, that's me, too!

I a an achiever.  I want to win and goal crush and do all the things.  And I'm always in my friends' corner cheering for them as well.

A cool thing happened this time though.  I ended up with a second "wing."  This was equally weighted with 3 and THIS is what has changed about me in teh last 2 years.  This is something I am most proud of.  I have always felt confident about my character; being a good person.  But, with all that I've experienced I've made a point to stop living life by society's terms and expectations and to stop doing the "right thing" just because it's the right thing.  I've started to have my own opinion, my own voice, my own beliefs and if they don't align with everyone else's so be it.  I've realized it doesn't make me a bad person to be my own person.  So I'm proud of this wing...

It's true.  I'm sensitive, authentic, creative, and empathetic almost to a fault.  I have also become extremely self aware of my personal needs and desires.  I am inspired to be creative.  I hate it when people ignore me now - I use to sit back and let it happen.  I've been called dramatic a handful of times and maybe I am, but mostly I think people just aren't use to hearing my new voice.  

Get use to it, y'all.  Here I am.

Here's some more info on the test if you decide to take it.

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