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Monday, March 9, 2020

My 21 Day Commitment

I'm not going to beat around the bush here.  I'm nervous.

And I'm going to preface this post by saying, I'm not trying to sell y'all this.  My goal here is to give you a true account of what this cleanse is, how I feel about it, and whether or not I would recommend it.  I don't believe in promoting things I wouldn't use myself.  I'm at a point in life where I need a serious detox, but that's another post in itself...

I literally talked about doing this 21 day cleanse for months before I actually put it in my shopping cart.  Then once it was in my cart it sat there for a while.  One night as I lay awake around 2 AM I went to purchase and realized I needed to update my credit card info so it sat there a bit longer.  Finally, my boyfriend and I decided we would do it together and it arrived on my doorstep Wednesday - a whole 24 hours earlier than it was supposed to.

I started Sunday.  My boyfriend is doing it with me.
I've literally read the handbook that came with it cover to cover.
I spent all day yesterday prepping our meals for the week.

The cleanse claims to help you completely detox your body of the environmental toxins we consume by breathing in air or consuming the foods we eat on a consistent basis.  For 21 days we go caffeine and alcohol free.  We start off eating lean animal protein and end completely vegan.

I don't plan to go vegan forever, but there are a few reasons why I decided to give this a go.

For starters, the time that I am away from my kids is extremely hard on me.  Some of the ways I've started coping haven't been the healthiest choices for me.  I'm really good about practicing self care and self love, but I was going out a lot, staying up late, drinking more than normal, snacking a ton, and consuming crazy amounts of fried foods.  Just saying that out loud has made me realize I need to find other ways to cope with missing them. It's natural to miss them, but not healthy to suppress those feelings with food and drink.

The fact that I can acknowledge that shows I'm able to control it.  So I'm not concerned about it, but I am going to change it.  And I've learned that in order to get different results I need to do something different.

Also, over the course of this year I've added a little more weight to the mom bod than I care to see when I step on the scale.  I'm the first to tell you the scale is the devil, BUT I also know when my body is "happy" and right now it's a little too snug in my jeans.  So, one of the great benefits of this program is weight loss.  I'm hoping to lose 10+ pounds.  I'll keep you posted!

One concern, they recommend no intense exercise.  Y'all know if you follow me on instagram that I am adamant about my workouts.  They are my therapy!  So I hate that, but I also get it.  So today is beautiful and I plan to go for a walk.  Tomorrow I'll do yoga.  We shall see how I feel!

And today is officially Day 2...

I won't lie, the fact that there are 19 more days is still pretty daunting to me, BUT I am pleasantly pleased with a few things:

  1. I got the best sleep I've had in weeks last night
  2. The amount of food is so crazy I'm having a hard time finishing each meal
  3. So far the recipes we've tried have tasted awesome
  4. I haven't had any serious cravings...yet
  5. I can still have my evening caffeine free herbal tea
I guess I can say I'm excited and glad to be doing this alongside my partner in crime.  I'm still a little nervous, but doing this with somebody definitely makes it more fun and "doable" if that makes sense.  

Let me know if you have any questions for me!  I'm happy to answer them and give you my honest opinion.


Feel free to leave me some love. It makes my heart smile.