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Hey girlfriend!

We got this idea after connecting and developing a fantastic friendship through the Blogosphere!  Honestly, if not for blogging, we wouldn’t have met considering we live in completely different states.  We quickly connected and now chat almost daily as we go through the parallels of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and wifing together.

As we were chatting about the awesome friendship we’ve created, we started wishing all women could find a girlfriend like this.  There are so many women in this world who just want to connect - how could we do that?

So, The Girlfriend Project was born.  

Our aim is to use social media as a way to inspire, connect, and grow alongside one another no matter what our zip code may be.  And to prioritize ourselves by serving one another each month as we get to know one another.

Here is how it works…

Each month you choose to participate we will connect you with another “girlfriend.”  Through social media handles and correspondence you 2 will get to know one another.  As you get to know one another, you will compile little things throughout the month that hold special meaning and then send a little package to one another by the end of the month as a gift.  The gift should be about $15 in value and go along with the monthly theme + what you’ve learned about your new girlfriend.  

Our hope is …

That by spending time getting to know one another, you will not only make a new acquaintance, but build a new friendship and spread some happiness along the way.

The Rules

You will be matched up with another girlfriend.  The 2 of you will immediately follow one another on various social media forums (Instagram, Facebook pages, Twitter, blogs, etc.).  It is up to you whether or not you decide to friend one another on Facebook since that is a more personal space.

Correspond, get to know one another over the course of 2-3 weeks.

It is your responsibility to share your address with your new girlfriend; this cuts down on you having to share it so many times and helps us to ensure that you actually correspond. :)

Put together a box of goodies for your girlfriend valuing at approximately $15.  Please, ship the gift out by the 25th of each month.  Keep in mind your box should be thoughtfully packaged with your new girlfriend in mind as well as the theme of the month.

* Include a handwritten note in the box.*

When you receive your box, please take a picture and share it on your social media forums using the hashtag #TheGirlfriendProject so that other women might join us.

Sign up each month and meet new girlfriends!  Stay in touch with those you’ve connected with in the past.  

Spread joy.

Please contact one of us if you do not receive your box or have an issue with the project. We hope this never happens, but will be prepared to help you if we need to.  

Contact Us
IG: @thelindsayerin

IG: @styledbyjenn